CBS Circles Go Online

During this time when it is more important than ever to maintain connections with your peers, we are opening the current Spring 2020 CBS Circles to new participants and accepting proposals for up to 10 new Circles that will meet online for the last five weeks of the spring semester.
The CBS Circles program is for CBS juniors, seniors, and transfer students to meet in small groups (“Circles”) that are focused on student-designed topics. Each Circle is facilitated by a Circle Guide, which is a paid leadership position. All Circles now meet online.

Because you are a CBS junior, senior, or transfer student, you can:

  • Propose a new CBS Circle on nearly any academic, career, or personal interest topic. Newly hired Circle Guides will receive $200 in compensation and build important career-related skills such as leadership, group facilitation, active listening, and professional communication.
  • Sign up for one of the current CBS Circles or indicate your interest in being notified about the newly proposed academic, career, or personal interest Circles.

To propose a new CBS Circle or to sign up to participate in one of the current or newly proposed CBS Circles, please click here. The deadline for either option is this Thursday, March 26th at 5pm.

March, 2020