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CBS Clubs Close Up: Ecology Club

Connecting students to biodiversity

by Sydney Baum-Haines

Ecology ClubEcology club is a community of students curious and passionate about biodiversity, ecology, and environmentalism. The club regularly hosts guest speakers and goes on adventures to sites on and off campus, such as the Wildlife Science Center and the Itasca Biological Station.

I sat down with Isabella Armour, the club president, to ask a few questions about the club.

Plans for this year

“This year we’re trying to make our meetings and our events a lot more personally engaging,” she said.

They have planned events with speakers from backgrounds of ecology, evolution, and behavior, history of science, cultural studies, and landscape architecture.

“We’re trying to make it as interdisciplinary as possible, because ecology is interwoven in a lot of different disciplines other than just basic biological research,” she said.

Who should join Ecology Club?

“Anyone who is vaguely interested in ecology, environmentalism, evolution, and animals,” Armour said. “It’s a non-major specific student group. We do have a lot of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior majors, but I’m a plant biology student … and I’m the president of the club. You don’t have to be dedicating your academic career to ecology to be part of [the club], you just have to be curious and interested in learning.”

What is your favorite thing Ecology Club will do this year?

Armour is looking forward to the club’s programs, which will each consist of two or three conceptually linked meetings, starting with “Basic Science in the 21st Century.” For one of the meetings in this series, club officers will share stories about their research experiences on campus.

Upcoming events:

Ecology Club meets at Bruininks Hall Room 512A from 6:30 to 8 pm on Wednesdays.


Email for more information.

October, 2017