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CBS Clubs Close Up: Scientific Research Communication (SRC)

Bringing science to everyone

by Sydney Baum-Haines


SRC is a club for people who want to improve their science communication skills, whether it’s to other scientists or to people with no scientific background. SRC invites its members to present on recent research papers and play rousing science games.

I sat down with Sienna Schaeffer, the club president, to ask a few questions about the club.

What is SRC?

“The purpose of the club is to help people get more comfortable with science communication and also to bring accurate and understandable science communication to a broader audience,”  Schaeffer said. It’s a community of people who are dedicated to science.

SRC meetings generally consist of two or three 15 min student presentations on cutting edge research and exciting science-themed games, such as Science Scattergories and Identify that Biology Thing. Movie nights and guest speakers are sometimes thrown into the mix.

SRC also publishes a monthly newsletter of student writing, centered on communicating research papers to a general audience. Members are encouraged to write for this.

“If SRC were a person they'd be the kind of person who takes you to the science center on a date,” Schaeffer said. “They'd be the kind of person who will look something up on Google Scholar, fall down a rabbit hole and then not emerge until four hours later.”

Who should join SRC?

“Anyone who is interested in learning more about science. You don’t have to be a science major,”  Schaeffer said. “But especially people who are interested in practicing science communication in a group of very relaxed, nonjudgemental peers.”

What is your favorite thing SRC will do this year?

Schaeffer is looking forward to bringing back Improv for Biologists, a program they do with theatre professors. The students learn improv and theatre techniques to improve their presentation skills and ability to think on their feet.

Upcoming events:

To get involved with writing or presenting, you can email for more information.

March, 2018