CBS Democracy Project: Using Science to Advocate for Change

words "Democracy Project Circle" surrounded by science icons, including microscopes, field work gear, and safety glassesJoin CBS Student Services and the Science Communications Lab on February 23 to discuss when and how students can utilize their scientific literacy skills and advance science and advocate for positive social change. By the end of this session, you will better understand the importance of using science to advocate for change, know when to do so, understand strategies to develop an accessible case grounded in science and practice constructing arguments to communicate a scientific topic to not science individuals.


Presenter: Caroline Frischmon, Science Communication Training Coordinator, Science Communication Lab

Caroline joined the Science Communication Lab as a writing intern in January 2020. She graduated the following year with a B.S. in Bioproducts Engineering and now continues her work in SCL as a Sci Comm Training Coordinator. In this position, Caroline plans and leads workshops for undergraduate students and coordinates the Sci Comm Coaching Lab. She’s passionate about environmental justice and sustainability and hopes to inspire other engineering students to connect their research with the lives of those around them.

CBS Democracy Project: Using Science to Advocate for Change
January, 2021