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CBS Student Board: T-Shirt Design Contest!

Hey CBSers!

Each year the CBS Student Board produces a new CBS t-shirt with a biological theme for students and faculty in the college to purchase.  Past t-shirts you may have seen around campus include "We’re gelling, are you?" (with a depiction of gel electrophoresis on the back) and “Our four year language requirement” (with all those big science words you have come to learn and love)!
It's time to come up with a new t-shirt design, and we are asking for YOUR help! Please submit any ideas you have for a t-shirt slogan or design to our online form.
Submissions are due by 11:59PM on February 17th. You can submit as many slogan ideas as you would like!
The student with the winning design or slogan will be awarded a free t-shirt once it is created, a $20 gift card to a location around campus of his or her choice, and the satisfaction of seeing fellow CBSers sport their design one an everyday basis. Looking forward to your creative ideas! 
The CBS Student Board