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CBS Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our CBS Study Abroad Photo Contest winners! Thank you to all who participated and those who voted!

Category 1: A Day in the Life

First Place: Audrey McCarthy, Fall 2017, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

This is a picture of a mandarin that I was about to eat, with the terrace of my homestay apartment. I see this view almost every day, because I like to sit and read or do homework out there, and the view from my bedroom is the same. They eat a Mediterranean diet here in Mallorca, so there is tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, and my absolute favorite is mandarin oranges. The ones they have here are super fresh and delicious, so I usually eat a couple every day. I also love to take pictures of them because they're so beautiful, and there's always something around here to make a great background.

Second Place: Carolyn Kalinowski, Spring 2017, Townsville, Australia

While in Australia, I was able to dive some of the few remaining areas of the Great Barrier Reef that aren't suffering from extreme bleaching. I was completing my Divemaster Internship and dove three days a week the whole time I was there, enjoying beautiful sights and teaching others how to protect and respect the reef while diving.




Category 2: CBS Abroad

First Place: Mateo Frumholtz, Summer 2017, Arusha, Tanzania

I worked with a local organization called Children Growth and Development. Our main effort was empowering women in rural Tanzania by educating them about Health. In rural Tanzania, women take care of the children and household, and ensuring they are knowledgeable about maternal and child health practices is pivotal for ensuring long-term sustainable change. I was fortunate enough to meet with women's groups on a weekly basis and snapped this picture at one of our meetings. These remarkable women are the key to a better future in rural Tanzania and many other areas all over the world.

Second Place: Amy Yi, Spring Break 2016, Belize

The beauty of one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world: coral reef. Belize has the second largest great barrier reef behind the Great Barrier Reef. The reef are slowly beginning to die due to ocean acidification, increasing water temperatures, and pollutants. A beautiful ecosystem that is so simple, yet hosts a significant portion of marine life in the ocean.




Category 3: Picture Perfect

First Place: Hannah Carlin, May 2017, Paris, France

This picture was taken during a museum trip to the Musée Rodin in Paris. Rodin was a popular artist who's works include The Thinker, The Kiss, and The gates of Hell. The house in the background is known as the Hôtel Biron, Rodin owned this house until his death in 1917 in which he agreed that the city of Paris could convert the Hôtel Biron to a museum honoring Rodin. This picture was taken in the backyard garden of the Musée Rodin, it shows the lovely hedge arches and the museum farther in the distance.

Second Place: Jesse Abelson, Spring 2016, Auckland, New Zealand

This photo was taken at Milford Sound during my time studying abroad at the University of Auckland in New Zealand during the spring of 2016. We had 2 weeks to study for our finals so I decided to spend one of those weeks traveling the south island and seeing Milford Sound. Everyone told me to prepare for an incredible, yet rainy experience but when I got there it was sunny and beautiful. This view is the first view you see of the Sound, from the parking lot. It is an absolutely breath-taking experience and one that I would recommend to anyone.


December, 2017