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CBSelfie with Destiny Weaver

Neuroscience major Destiny Weaver shares how getting involved on campus has allowed her to promote diversity in STEM fields

Destiny Weaver

Who are you?
Destiny Weaver; sophomore

Brooklyn Park, MN

What is your major? What led you to choose this major?
I am majoring in neuroscience and minoring in psychology because I’m really interested in human behavior and how people interact with one another. Studying psychology allows me to better understand the what and how of people’s behavior and interactions, while neuroscience helps me better understand why people behave and interact a certain way at a molecular level.

Outside of academics, what other organizations or activities do you participate in on campus?
I’m in the CBS Dean’s Scholars Program and a member of the Minority Association for Premedical Students (MAPS). I also work with the North Star STEM Alliance (NSSA) on campus, which is an organization dedicated to increasing the involvement of underrepresented minorities in STEM fields and providing resources and opportunities for students.

How did you get involved with MAPS and NSSA? What is your favorite part of being a member?
I discovered MAPS and NSSA as a freshman during the many welcome week activities. By attending MAPS meetings, I keep myself involved while also trying to learn more about the medical field and see if it is something I see myself pursuing. As a freshman, I attended NSSA events as a first-year scholar and eventually applied for an administrative job with the organization because I wanted to help encourage diversity and achievement within the STEM fields from underrepresented minorities. This program helped me a lot by exposing me to many different career and academic paths and opportunities, along with connecting me with peers in my field so I wanted to be able to do the same for others while continuing to stay involved. 

What do you hope to do after finishing your undergraduate degree?
Because there are so many paths I could take with my undergraduate degree and the amount of time I have left to decide, I’ve tried to not limit myself and stay open-minded. My time in CBS so far has allowed me to realize my interest in research, so continuing my education and going into research is something I’ve considered, along with the possibility of pursuing medical school.

What college accomplishment are you the most proud of?
Although it is an ongoing process and takes time, I’m most proud of not constantly comparing myself to others, and focusing on myself. Sometimes it can be hard to not worry about what others are doing and always thinking that you’re behind or missing something, but it is really important and helpful to just make your own decisions and focus on your own path, because that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

What has been your favorite class in CBS and why?
The lab for Foundations of Biology II, BIOL 3004, has been my favorite course in CBS so far. I enjoy research, so this course was enjoyable because it allowed us to design and carry out our own investigative idea without much control and regulation from professors or TAs. It was great to see how my own communication and lab skills improved throughout the semester, and I found it rewarding to see all the work done and discoveries made by my classmates and I by the end of the course.

Where is your favorite study spot?
I really love the Biomedical Library in Moos Tower! It’s close to good food (Caribou and Freshii), and I like how it is relatively quiet and even designates certain places as silent areas, because that is where I personally focus the best.

January, 2018