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CBSelfie With Jordyn Dwyer

Many CBS students start with their sights set on a career in healthcare. But what happens if they change their mind? This undergrad is leading a CBS Circle on exactly that.

Jordyn Dwyer

This is a series on students who lead CBS Circles, small groups that meet regularly on campus to discuss topics of interest. 

Who are you?
Jordyn Dwyer, Biology, Junior

Where is your hometown?
Westby, WI

What CBS circle are you leading this year?
Interdisciplinary Applications of a CBS Degree

Why did you want to lead a group about that topic?
The more time I've spent as a member of CBS, the more I've come to recognize that many CBS students begin as pre-med or pre-health students and end up wanting nothing to do with those types of careers. Personally, I was pre-health and then pre-dental before coming to realize that a career in a health profession is not for me. Since then, I have become interested in learning more about all the career options out there for me that are not health related.

Why did you want to lead a CBS circle?
I wanted to lead a CBS circle because I wanted to gain more skills in terms of planning meetings, reflecting on my leadership, and allowing the circle participants to feel they have a sense of ownership over what we're doing.

What’s been the most interesting aspect of leading a group?
The most interesting aspect of me leading a group has been determining how the dynamics work. I think that certain leadership traits I possess are more geared toward particular types of groups, so I have been spending a considerable amount of time thinking about which strengths I bring in my leadership and how those strengths are or are not suited for my Circle group.

What are your career aspirations? Why do you want to go into that field of work?
My career aspirations involve working in Higher Education and Student Affairs. The system of colleges and universities in the United States is ever-changing, and I love that about it. Additionally, college is such an important stage in the lives of millions of people each year, and I want to be a part of both the transition to college as well as the transition from undergraduate studies to whatever the next step may be. There are so many departments for Student Affairs professionals to fall under, so it's difficult to say specifically what I'll be doing. Whatever it is, though, I know it will be great!


November, 2016