CBSelfie with Reed Grumann

Through his extracurricular activities and coursework, junior Reed Grumann aims to combine his dual interests of advocacy and science.



Yardley, Pennsylvania 

Microbiology and Political Science

How do you find yourself double majoring in these two disciplines?
As a freshman, I was interested in both of these fields independently of one another.  After a while, I started to realize the strong crossover and worked to integrate the two fields. There are a wealth of unique and fascinating opportunities out there at this intersection -- from how legal studies will cope with artificial intelligence to implications of genetic analyses on an individual’s privacy. 

Right now, what do you see as your dream job?
I would love to serve as a science advisor to a federal official, whether that be in Congress or an agency. Scientists need to be more involved in the policymaking process, and that demand will only increase as science and technology become an even bigger part of society. I would like to keep my area of expertise in the biological sciences, so advising on issues like agriculture policy, gene therapy studies, bioethics and environmental protections is the goal. 

Outside of classes and study sessions, what keeps you busy on campus? 
I’m involved in several groups on campus which keeps me running around. It’s a great way to meet a wide variety of people across the University and take learning beyond the classroom.

  • Admissions Office - I am a co-chair of the Internal Development Committee and oversee the Admissions Ambassadors where I oversee a group of Ambassadors. I also give tours to prospective students. 
  • College of Biological Science Student Board - I co-chair the Initiative and Outreach Committee. 
  • UROP - Under the direction of Professor Deena Wassenberg, I study attitudes of both college students and the public towards evolution, vaccines and climate change. 
  • Science Communication Lab - This semester, I started as a writing intern. I’ll work to write about ongoing research at the BioTechnology Institute. 
  • Lastly, I work remotely for a congressional campaign back in Pennsylvania as the Grassroots Outreach Coordinator. 

How did you get involved with the CBS student board?
I was on the hunt for ways to combine my interests in advocacy and science. Then I learned about the CBS student board. After reading up a bit on what they do, I realized that I was the perfect place for me to get involved with advocating for science and science students to CBS faculty and the entire university community. 

What’s your favorite spot on campus? Why?
Moos Tower has it all. From CBS BioCommons, where I print out readings and assignments to Caribou Coffee, which keep me caffeinated, it’s a great place for group studying or just catching up with a friend. Moos Tower also connects to the BioMedical Library which is one of my go-to spots when prepping for midterms and finals. 


September, 2019