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Climate Change Lab Position

Study the response of endophyte (bacteria and fungi that live inside the tissues of plants) communities to climate change.  Endophytes are very diverse and understudied microbial organisms that may mediate plant response to abiotic factors expected to change under global warming.  The B4Warmed experiment at the Cloquet Forestry Center experimentally warms soil and air to simulate future climate change and assess effects on boreal (sub-Arctic) forest plants.  The lab is evaluating shifts in the endophytic bacterial and fungal communities in these plants in response to warming treatments. Through this work we seek a better understanding of endophyte ecology and response to climate change. 

Students in the project will gain experience growing microbial cultures, extracting and sequencing DNA, and analyzing sequence data.  Lab experience preferred but not necessary.  To inquire, please contact Dr. Valerie Wong ( or Dr. Georgiana May ( with a resume and an email explaining your interests and background (ecology, molecular or microbial biology experience or classes).