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College Health Corps VISTA

The College Health Corps VISTA program has several jobs open including positions at: 

These positions are hired on a rolling basis and begin July 9, 2018 and go through July 8, 2019. 

About College Health Corps (CHC) VISTA

College Health Corps (CHC) VISTA members help increase low-income communities' access to health care, health insurance, food security, and other services that support health and higher education success. VISTA is a full-time, year-long, national service program focused on behind-the-scenes capacity building projects that address poverty. The program provides VISTA members with a living allowance of approximately $472/biweekly, an end-of-service education award of $5,920, puts federal loans in forbearance, and offers childcare assistance. More information on each position is available on the College Health Corps website here


May, 2018