Course Announcement: Structural Biology in Biomedical Research

CMB 5340: Structural Biology in Biomedical Research

Structural biology plays a central role in biomedical research, but it is a challenging field to learn. This course teaches basic structural biology and its applications to biomedical research in an accessible and practical fashion. We will cover the principles and procedures of structural biology as well as structural biology databases and software. Students will also learn how structural biology is used to solve scientific problems (e.g., elucidating molecular mechanisms and designing drugs and vaccines) and acquire skills that may facilitate their own research (e.g., reading structural biology literature and designing mutations). Student learning is achieved through classroom lectures, computer labs, written critique and oral presentation of research literature, and participation in discussion. The overall goal of this course is to help students understand structural biology and use it in their own research.

  • Course Director: Fang Li,, 612-625-6149, office 295D AS/VM
  • Classes: 9-11 a.m. on Wednesdays; Class room: 295M AS/VM
  • 2 Credits; Pre-req: college-level biology; Grading options: A-F

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November, 2018