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Directed Research Lab Position

The laboratory of Dr. Timothy Starr within the Masonic Cancer Center and the Gynecologic Oncology Division of the OB/GYN and Women's Health Department is looking for a directed research student (or volunteer) to start work after the end of the semester.

Project description:
In order to develop more effective cancer treatments we need to understand the underlying genetic causes of cancer. In the Starr lab we have developed transgenic mouse models that are capable of identifying the genetic changes that turn a normal cell into a cancerous cell. Using these models we have discovered a large number of genes that likely cause cancer in humans when mutated. Currently, our researchers continue to generate these cancer mouse models in addition to studying the function of the identified candidate cancer genes in order to determine whether they could be targeted in cancer therapy. The long-term goal of our research is to develop combinatorial, targeted therapies for treating cancer patients. Our current research centers around ovarian, colorectal, and lung cancer.

We are looking for a motivated undergrad that is willing to work throughout the summer and ultimately commit at least 4 semesters of work. The main tasks expected will be to perform PCR, mouse colony maintenance, and necropsy. Therefore, anyone who is uncomfortable working with mice will not be a good fit for this laboratory. In addition, for any student interested, our lab has had 7 undergrads awarded UROPS and we have mentored 6 undergrads through their Honors Thesis. Therefore, we are very familiar with these programs and can help our new students through these processes.

Students interested in in this opportunity should contact Makayla Maile ( with a resume (including relevant coursework) and a brief personal statement (i.e. short paragraph as to why they wish to be involved in our research).

For more information about the Starr laboratory, please visit our lab website: