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Dr. Eric Seabloom

While my interests are broad, research in my lab has primarily focused on restoration and invasions of grassland communities. I have active project in three main areas and would be interested in 1-2 students for Fall 2011:

  1. Community Ecology of Disease: In collaboration with Elizabeth Borer, I am investigating a wide range of basic and applied questions about the community ecology of disease using a hostpathogen community (barley and cereal yellow dwarf viruses).
  2. Invasion and restoration grasslands: I am using grassland invasion and restoration processes to test theory related to resource competition, consumer-mediation of host-pathogen interactions, and pathogen mediation of invasions. 3. Behavior- and Consumption-mediated effects of Consumers on Plant Communities: I am studying consumer and plant interaction interactions using field experiments, spatially-explicit models, meta-analyses, and a collaborative experimental field experiment replicated at > 50 sites in 10 countries.