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Dr. Jacques Finlay

I am interested in recruiting 1 or 2 students in 2011. I am broadly interested in the ecology of aquatic ecosystems, and their interaction with surrounding natural and human altered landscapes. I pursue research questions at many scales and levels of organization, using experimental, comparative and stable isotope approaches. I am particularly excited by interdisciplinary, collaborative research that integrates across multiple spatial and temporal scales.  I currently have student funding for a project on nitrogen cycling in the Laurentian Great Lakes with Dr. Robert Sterner. The project seeks to understand the sources and sinks of nitrogen in the context of long term increases in nitrate observed for most of these lakes. I also seek a student to work on stream ecosystem ecology. The project would be conducted in collaboration with researchers at the US Forest Service, and could focus on areas such as understanding responses of stream ecosystem processes to land use change, or examination of the role of food web processes in mediating mercury concentrations in stream food webs.