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Dr. Robert Sterner

Research by students and others in my lab is diverse but mainly we wonder about the way that organism nutrient content shapes ecology, the field of Ecological Stoichiometry. In the recent past, my lab has hosted research on bacteria, algae, zooplankton, fish, ants, and whole ecosystems. Some fundamental biogeochemical work has focused on two study sites, Lake Superior, and the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, while other studies have been lab-based. Past projects have explored the genomic basis of organism response to element scarcity; asked what effects cities have on plankton and biogeochemstry in urban lakes and ponds; and examined the long-term buildup of nitrate and increasing stoichiometric imbalance in Lake Superior; and others. For Fall, 2011, there is at least one (newly funded) opening on a Lake Superior project shared with Dr. Jacques Finlay. This project seeks to understand the sources and sinks of stoichiometrically imbalanced nitrate in Lake Superior.