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Early Language and Experience Lab Seeking Summer UGRAs (for credit or on a volunteer basis)

How do children learn about and from their physical, social, and cultural world? The Institute of Child Development's Early Language and Experience Lab is seeking motivated undergraduate research assistants for a series of projects examining children's cognitive development and social learning. This position may be an especially good opportunity for those interested in research, working with children, or interested in developmental cognitive science. Our undergraduate research assistants would be directly involved in stimuli development, participant recruitment, data collection with preschool- and school-aged children, and data management. This position would begin in the summer, and outstanding research assistants may be granted opportunities to become increasingly involved in future research.

To apply, please submit a résumé, unofficial transcript, writing sample and list of 2-4 references to Sarah ( Students who can commit to 9 or more hours a week (3+ credits) with a minimum of 2 semesters are preferred.

April, 2016