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EPPA Medical Scribes On-Campus Interview Days

Dates: Tuesday, November 14th and Monday, November 27th
Location: MCB 3-104
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Since 2007, the EPPA Medical Scribe Program has been hiring students and recent graduates to work as medical scribes at our hospitals and clinics throughout the Twin Cities. Recently, EPPA has started to staff the M Health clinics and surgery center on campus with scribes, allowing a convenient on-campus job for pre-health students looking to gain clinical experience.

A Medical Scribe works one-on-one with a physician (MD/DO), physician assistant (PA), or nurse practitioner (NP), accompanying them into each patient encounter. Scribes complete the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) enabling providers to spend more time with patients and increase the overall workflow of the department. An EPPA Scribe documents everything that occurs during the visit from start to finish; including the patient’s history, physical exam, provider orders, patient outcomes, labs, imaging, and more. This allows scribes to become familiar with the workflow of medicine, medical decision process, and learning different provider styles to patient care.

The EPPA program is designed to support professional school goals by offering students and graduates numerous resources including paid 1:1 training, application and personal statement workshops, interview workshops (including MMI), professional mentoring, and more.

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November, 2017