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Explore the new Plant and Microbial Biology major

Study fields ranging from the microbiome to genomic variation and ecosystem ecology in Plant and Microbial Biology.

Plant and Microbial Biology

Explore the new CBS major in Plant and Microbial Biology, which launched in summer 2017. The PMB major provides flexibility for students to explore their interests in plants, microbes, especially their interactions with each other and their functions in the environment. PMB majors engage in research and have extensive opportunities to interact with and get to know their professors.

Topics you can study as a PMB majorMicrobes

  • Microbiomes of plants, soils, and ecosystems.
  • Genomic variation in microbes and plants.
  • Plant and microbial functional genomics, taxonomy, cell biology, biochemistry and physiology.
  • Interactions between microbes and plants, from symbiotic to pathogenic
  • Evolution and ecology of natural ecosystems around the world

Advantages of New PMB Curriculum

  • The PMB major electives are flexible and allow for students to select a wide variety of courses.
  • Upper-level courses in the major have a low student to teacher ratio, allowing for more personal attention for students.


The PMB curriculum is comprehensive, yet highly flexible, and has prepared students for a variety of fields, including:

  • Medicine, dentistry, and other healthcare fields
  • Scientific research at academic institutions or biotechnology companies
  • Environmental, industrial, and fermentation microbiology
  • Environmental consulting and natural resources management
  • Education, scientific outreach, and science writing

Find additional information on the PMB major page, as well as associated faculty on the PMB faculty page.


April, 2018