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Fall 2014 Pharmacology Courses

All courses meet Pharmacology Minor Requirements


Fall courses:

New PHCL 2001: Basic Principles of Pharmacology: A Drug's Fantastic Voyage
(2.0 cr; Prereq-First-year chemistry; A-F only)
Basic principles of pharmacology affecting drug from administration through action/elimination.
Course Director: Dr. Greg Connell (
PHCL 4001: Mechanisms of Drug Action
(2.0 cr; Prereq-Upper div; [prev or concurrent] courses in [biology, biochemistry] recommended; A-F or Aud)
How drugs function as applied to the treatment of cancer. Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenetics are introduced.
Course Co-Director: Dr. Greg Connell (
Course Co-Director: Dr. Daniel Romero (
PHCL 4010: Current Research Topics in Pharmacology
(2.0 cr; Prereq-Upper div; A-F only)
The goal of this course is to expose students to a variety of cutting-edge research projects in Pharmacology. The course consists of research seminars, discussion sessions, literature-based projects, and oral presentations. Students will learn how to study a research project/literature and give a scientific presentation.
Course Director: Dr. Hiroshi Hiasa (
New PHCL 4100: Laboratory in Molecular Pharmacology
(2.0 cr; Prereq-[2001 or 4001], 3100, [BioC 3021 or BioC 4331], [BioC 4025, BioC 4125 recommended]; A-F only)
Students will become familiar with the theory and practice of molecular pharmacological techniques used to determine the response of cells to agonists and antagonists that impact signal transduction pathways and/or gene expression.
Course Director: Dr. Daniel Romero (
New PHCL 4343: Pharmacology of the Synapse
(2.0 cr; Prereq-[2001, 3100]; A-F only)
Examine how drugs impact the physiology of the synapse and how this relates to: (1) neuronal signaling and communication; (2) human conditions such as anxiety, depression, and pain; (3) drug design to address these conditions and societal challenges like addiction.
Course Director: Dr. Christina Petersen (

Also offered:

PHCL 4993: Directed Studies
(1.0 - 3.0 cr; S-N only)
Individual study ("dry lab" experience) on selected topics in pharmacology/biomedical science with faculty from the Pharmacology Department or other biomedicine disciplines. Readings and use of scientific literature.
PHCL 4994: Directed Research
(1.0 - 3.0 cr; S-N only)
Laboratory research ("wet lab" experience) in the areas of pharmacological/biomedical research.
Course Director (for both PHCL4993 and PHCL4994): Dr. Li-Na Wei (