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Fall 2017: WRIT 4664W Science, Medical, and Health Writing

If you're interested in combining your knowledge of science with your passion for writing, look no further than WRIT 4664W.

In this three-credit offering, you will read various kinds of science, medical, and health writing; develop heuristics, grounded in rhetorical theory for science, medical, and health writing; and research, draft, and write a variety of science, medical, and health genres for a range of audiences using print and multimodal outlets.

The course consists of four modules: 

Module 1: Science Writing
Module 2: Medical Writing
Module 3: Writing in a Regulated Environment
Module 4: Public Health Writing

The assignment sequence offers students a range of writing genres in Science, Medical, and Health (SMH) writing. All assignments will be completed individually, and grades in the course are based on these assignments.

In addition to the assignments, the course will host visitors to discuss their day-to-day work writing these various genres.

All majors are welcome; majors in Scientific and technical communication, the biological sciences, science, and engineering will find this course interesting and practically helpful.

This course meets Writing Intensive Requirements.

This three-credit course meets Tuesday evenings from 4:00 - 6:30 p.m.

July, 2017