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Fall and winter break course updates applicable to marine biology minor


Oceanography with Lab (ESCI) is required for the minor; labs are offered throughout the week, but the lectures are either 2:30-3:20 MWF or 6:30 – 9:00 on Tuesdays.

Marine Biology (FW 2003) is also required, and is scheduled for 12:50-1:40 in the Fall. Note that this course has historically been offered Spring semesters, and the possible Fall offering may mean that Marine Biology is morphing into a Fall-only course.

Marine Animal Diversity (Biol 2007) is a two-credit lab course that we plan to offer every semester starting now. A few brave souls have been piloting the activities and dissections this semester. We’re very excited about the possibilities of this lab.

Note that beginning in the Fall, there will be a SPECIAL section of Biology 2012 (Zoology) for those students taking the minor AND needing or wanting to take General Zoology—this special lab section will be identical to the Biology 2007 lab.  Look for this section; you’ll need a permission number to enroll, and space is limited. Biology 2007 and the special section of Biology 2012 will be offered at the same time and in the same place, on Thursday afternoons in 182 BioSci (from 12:50-3:50).

Ichthyology (FW 4136) is an upper-level option for those interested in fish biology, ecology, and evolution. Lectures are held MW 10:15-11:30, and labs meet 2-5 PM Mondays or Wednesdays, depending on section.

Coral Reef Ecology Seminar (Biol 4590) is a two-credit seminar that will meet two hours each week to discuss issues in coral reef ecology. Jim Cotner, Mary Spivey, and I (Sehoya Cotner) will lead the first several discussions, and then the students will largely take over. The last few weeks of the course will focus on developing testable hypotheses in anticipation of the Coral Reef Ecology Field Trip (Biology 4596) in January. Biology 4590 will be offered on Tuesdays from 12:50-2:50 on the St Paul campus (exact location TBD).

Field opportunities

Coral Reef Ecology Field Trip (Biol 4596) is a nine-day excursion (1/3/15 to 1/12/15) to Honduras’ Bay Islands, where we’ll stay, study, and dive on Roatán with the Roatán Institute for Marine Sciences at Anthony’s Key.  This is a two-credit course that culminates in a field report in which you develop and test a hypothesis related to coral reef ecology. January 2015 participants will also become "Eco Diver" certified through the Reef Check program and the new "Reef Check Minnesota" program. Biology 4590 is strongly suggested. We will collect applications for the trip in early September and deposits in late September, 2014. The entire trip—with flights, ground transportation, lodging, food, credit, insurance, guides, resort fees and lab fees, and diving—will be approximately $3100. It’s a great deal! Note that space is limited and priority will be given to students in the minor. If you’re interested, make sure you have a valid passport and have taken course and pool work for Scuba certification (you can do your open-water check-out diving in Honduras, if necessary).