Fall course announcement: CESP 3993-002: Exploring Self, Community, and Engagement during Turbulent Times

Are you asking yourself —

  • How can I help my communities respond to the impacts of COVID-19? 
  • How do we build and maintain community in a time of distancing? 
  • What motivates me personally to be engaged in the community? 
  • How can I keep from getting overwhelmed by the scope and scale of systemic inequities and injustices, and take actions that will make a difference? 

 In this course you will —

  • Volunteer in the community on a weekly basis (virtually or in-person). 
  • Participate in weekly online class meetings (schedule to be determined by participants). 
  • Complete reflection activities to explore these questions and process your experiences. 

This course will help you identify your skills and passions for community engagement and match those to opportunities to get involved in your communities' ongoing responses to the pandemic and the growing movement for racial, social, and economic justice. 

 Course Requirements 

 1 credit – 45 hours total 

2 credits – 90 hours total 

15 hours weekly online class meetings 

(one hour per week; schedule TBD) 

15 hours weekly online class meetings 

(one hour per week; schedule TBD) 

Minimum 10 hours community engagement 

Minimum 50 hours community engagement 

20 hours outside of class assignments 

25 hours outside of class assignment 


We can help you find an engagement opportunity if you are not currently involved in your community. For more information and a permission number to register, contact Monica McKay at msmckay@umn.edu

September, 2020