Field Courses and Volunteer Programs with Borneo Nature Foundation

The Borneo Nature Foundation is looking for prospective students to partake in its Volunteer Programme and field course opportunities in 2019. 

BBF is a research and conservation organization working in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Its main study site in the Sabangau Forest is home to the world’s largest lowland populations of Bornearn orangutans and southern Bornean gibbons. They work at the forefront of primate research in tropical forest environments and are affiliated with the University of Palangka Raya and Universitas Muhammadiyah in Kalimantan, and British universities of Oxford Brookes and Exeter. Many previous volunteers and students have returned to Borneo Nature Foundation as long-term research assistants or have gone on to careers and further research in biodiversity conservation. 

Field Courses: Join BNF in 2019 for intensive two-week and four-week ecology field course opportunities in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. With almost twenty years of research experience within Central Kalimantan, BNF is supported by both international and local scientific experts to share their knowledge about primates, mammals, botany, ecology, research, biodiversity, conservation and education with prospective students during these field courses. BNF is looking for students who will thrive in a remote jungle setting in a small camp with simple facilities and are eager to learn within this environment. These programmes are primarily aimed at students of the biological and geographical sciences who wish to learn about biodiversity and habitat monitoring techniques and gain first-hand experience in a tropical peat-swamp forest environment. Topics you will learn about include primate survey methods, peat-swamp ecology, survey methods of ecological indicator species, research and technology and threats and conservation strategies in peat-swamp forest. BNF will be offering two different courses in July 2019 and one course in January 2020. You can receive college credit for the course through BNF's partner, the Institute for Field Research, as well as scholarships for the courses. To apply and find out more please visit our partner’s website.

Volunteer Programme: Borneo Nature Foundation needs fit, enthusiastic individuals to join our 2019 Volunteer Programme. This individual should thrive in a jungle setting with basic camp facilities. In return, the program offers a challenging, yet rewarding experience, which will help to ensure conservation work is carried out to secure a future for the last remaining forests in Borneo. As a volunteer, candidates will have the opportunity to develop new skills as they learn about field research techniques and contribute to BNF’s conservation and educational activities, helping with activities such as replanting a burnt forest or building a forest classroom.


  • Group 1: April 1 – 29, 2019 (deadline March 1)
  • Group 2: May 29 – June 26, 2019 (deadline May 1)
  • Group 3: August 14 – September 11, 2019 (deadline July 1)
  • Group 4: October 3 - 13, 2019 (deadline September 1)

If you think you would be interested in joining BNF’s Volunteer Programme, please email to request a Volunteer Brochure and Application Form. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email for further information. For regular updates on our fieldwork follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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