Four GCD Seniors Named to Phi Beta Kappa

Four graduating seniors majoring in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development were welcomed as members of Phi Beta Kappa this year. The graduates named to the society include:

Divya AlleyDivya Alley

Divya Alley currently is an undergraduate researcher, mentored by Dr. Lihsia Chen, in the Chen Laboratory that is part of the Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development Department. She conducted directed research and a UROP studying the novel roles of L1CAM cell adhesion molecules that have implications in the L1 neurological syndrome, autism, schizophrenia, and addiction susceptibility. Her future plans involve earning a degree in medicine to become a physician focused in pediatrics, culturally-sensitive care, and advocacy.


Emma Baldry

During her undergraduate career at the University of Minnesota, Emma Baldry performed research with Dr. Heather Zierhut, associate director of the UMN Genetic Counseling Program. Her honors thesis project (summa cum laude) examined outcomes from a novel genetic counseling intervention using motivational interviewing and the extended parallel process model to increase cascade cholesterol screening. Her future plans include attending the University of Utah’s Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling in the fall.


Britney Lee

Since her sophomore year, Britney Lee has been involved in research at the UMN Stem Cell Institute in the Kikyo lab studying circadian rhythm and muscle cell regeneration. She looks forward to turning the page to the next chapter in my life and further her education with a master's in cardiac perfusion. After, she plans to apply and grow her knowledge in the life sciences while accomplishing her goal to fundamentally help others, and give back to the community who has helped me along my journey thus far.


Regina Schlichting

Regina Schlichting conducted research in the Alejandro Lab for the past two years. The Alejandro Lab studies the development of diabetes and beta-cell dysfunction, and her honors thesis focused on how the process of O-GlcNAcylation affects the function of transcription factor Pdx1 in beta-cells. After graduation, she plans to work as an ER scribe during my gap year while applying to medical school.

May, 2020