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Freshman Seminars Abroad: Upcoming Info Sessions and Scholarship

New Freshman Seminar Abroad Scholarship
-Special $1,000 scholarships available specifically for these seminars
-Application deadline: Dec. 7

The faculty leaders and Learning Abroad Center will be holding several info sessions in the colleges in the next couple of weeks. Please share this info with students!
Learn about the English Department Freshman Seminars Abroad
Shakespeare in London, taught by Professor Josephine Lee
Artists, Writers & Thinkers: London's Bloomsbury Group, taught by Professor Maria Fitzgerald
Monday, Oct. 22 from 3:00-4:00 pm in 226 Lind Hall
Learn about the CEHD Freshman Seminars Abroad
Understanding Contemporary Laos & Thailand, taught by Professor Gerry Fry
From Dinkytown to Denmark: Communities for Social Change, taught by Dr. Lynn Englund 
Thursday, Oct. 25 from 11:00-noon in 250 Wulling Hall
Learn about the CDes Freshman Seminars Abroad
Drawing Calm in Chaos: Twin Cities to Tokyo, taught by Professor Monica Fogg
Design in Scotland & England, taught by Professor James Boyd Brent
Thursday, Nov. 1 from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 pm in 22 McNeal Hall
Application Process:
--Apply through the Learning Abroad Center (each FSA site has an "apply" tab with application details)
--Register on OneStop
Both of these steps should be completed by December 7, 2012