Fulfill an Upper Division Elective Requirement with Prokaryotic Genetics

Are you looking for an upper-division elective to fulfill your genetics requirement? Register for PMB 4131/5131 - Prokaryotic Genetics Spring 2023. 

Genetics is the application of abstractions to understand biological function. Prokaryotic Genetics will focus on a molecular understanding of bacteria, archaea and phage covering both classic and modern approaches to genetics. Topics covered include classic microbial genetics, mechanisms of horizontal gene transfer, metagenomics, synthetic biology and gene editing, and much more. 

Prerequisite: MICB 3301 (or equivalent / instructor consent)
Course Instructors: Professors Katie Fixen and Jeff Gralnick

Time Offered: Monday and Wednesday 2:00 - 3:15 p.m., Mpls Campus

Upper division elective for BIOC, BIOL, COP, GCD, MICB, and PMB majors - Content Area E: Genetics (for most majors)

November, 2022