GCD 2171: Stem Cells in Biomedicine and Society

M, W, F (10:10 – 11:00 a.m.), 3 credits (A-F, S/N)

Instructor: Yasu Kawakami, Ph.D. (kawak005@umn.edu), Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

Prerequisite: BIOL1009, BIOL1951 or equivalent.

An entry level course on stem cells is offered and will be suitable for students who have successfully completed BIOL1009, BIOL1951 or equivalent, including students of freshman to junior standing. Stem cells are one of the rapidly growing topics in biology. Research into stem cells ranges from basic biology, regeneration, clinical applications to ethics. In this course, you will learn the general features of embryonic, artificial or adult-tissue stem cells: how they contribute to tissue regeneration, what scientists do with them, what stem cell therapies are available, what the public considers stem cell research and why. By the end of this course, you will have deeper insights into stem cells.

March, 2019