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GCD 5005: Computer Programming for Cell Biology

Are you an upper-level undergraduate student interested in how computer programming relates to Biology?  The objective of this course will be to teach computer programming skills with applications in biology. Students will design and build new computer programs for applications in cell and developmental biology, including modeling of biological processes, advanced data analysis, and automated image analysis.  No prior programming knowledge is necessary to take the course.

The course will satisfy learning outcomes in making connections between biology and the physical sciences, math, engineering, and computer science.  In addition, for the course capstone project, undergraduate students will work on applying the skills learned in this class to a “real” research project, in collaboration with professors from GCD.  Funding from NSF will also be available to support a limited number of undergraduate students who do well in the course and would like to continue working on their project with me and the identified lab for a semester after the class is over.