GCD 8111/GCD 5111: Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy

May 21 – June 7  (Tu/W/Th/Fr)
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (3 credits: A-F)
2-140 MCB (3 week intensive lab course)

Instructor: Sivaraj (Shiv) Sivaramakrishnan (sivaraj@umn.edu)
Lab link: http://proteinacrobaticslab.umn.edu/

What is it?
All you ever wanted to know about microscopy and data analysis but were afraid to ask. You will take microscopes apart (literally) and learn about all the components and settings on common fluorescence microscopes. You will learn the basics of fluorescence and how to select fluorescent proteins and dyes for multi-color imaging. You will learn to use FIJI to analyze number, size, shape, and colocalization using published image data. You will walk away microscopy literate and ready to take control of your primary research data!

Why take it?

  • Learn to use microscopes and quantitatively analyze data. You will have access to fully functional epi-fluorescence microscopes during the entire course.
  • All lab assignments, data analysis, and exam presentations will be completed during the 4 hr morning session (no additional work!).
  • Complete a 3 credit elective class (A-F) in 3 weeks, while learning foundational
March, 2019