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Get involved with GeraniaMania - a collaboration between the UMN Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve and the Anoka Middle School for the Arts. 

The entire 7th grade class at AMSA participates in a shared authentic science process exercise in which they generate a research question, make observations, collect data, analyze the data and make evidence-based conclusions about their question.  Students then take this initial information and develop hypotheses that could be tested.  By acting as content experts and near-peer mentors Cedar Creek scientists are integral to this experience.  After two years of conducting this project, the Cedar Creek Education and Outreach Coordinator would like to invite participation by CBS undergraduate students interested in learning more about K-12 education and in having a really good time! 

Total number of students served: Approximately 600.
Number of CBS student scientists needed: 2-4.

See the flyer for more information. 

Contact Mary Spivey, Cedar Creek Education and Outreach Coordinator at or 763-434-5131