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Get to Know the CBS Career Team: Dr. Kelaine Haas

Kelaine HaasWhat are the top 3-5 things that students meet with you for?
Most students meet with me to talk about how to get started doing undergraduate research during their time in CBS. I also meet with students to talk about their lab experiences and their interests in pursuing research as a career. My graduate degree is from the U in the GCD department, so I am always interested in talking to students about their research projects and what they are working on in the lab.

What piece of advice would you offer to CBS students to prepare for life after their undergraduate career?
Talk to people. Talk to other undergraduates about their research projects, faculty about what their lab is doing, graduate students and post-docs in your lab about their experiences, and people who are in a career you might be interested in pursuing. Learning about different paths, experiences and careers is a great way to gather information about what you may want to do in the future.

How can students best prepare for a meeting with you?
The main thing I ask students to do to prepare for meeting with me is to think about the type of research they want to do and to make a list of 8-10 faculty that they would be interested in doing research with as a student. This gives me a good place to start our conversation and a glimpse into what types of research the student is interested in doing.

Are there any experiences/opportunities you would recommend students getting involved in?

  • Write a UROP proposal.
  • Present your research - you could present to your lab, at the Spring symposium, at a conference, etc.
  • Do research in something that is exciting to you, even if it is outside of your major or in another science department.

Anything else interesting/relevant to your role?
I am also a co-instructor for the senior Honors Thesis course where I help students navigate the writing process for their final thesis and develop poster presentations. 

October, 2016