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Get to Know the CBS Career Team: Luke Feuling Porter

Learn more about the CBS Pre-Health Career Coach.

Luke Feuling Porter

What are the top 3-5 things that students meet with you for?
Students can meet with me to explore and learn more about pre-health careers. Students can receive personal statement reviews when meeting with me. Students may also meet to learn more about the application process for different pre-health programs and what it means to be a competitive applicant.

What piece of advice would you offer to CBS students to prepare for life after their undergraduate career?
Take risks and explore a lot of different opportunities during your undergraduate career. Much of college is discovering your identity and figuring out who you want to be in the world and what you want to do post-college; be open to changing your mind about what you want your future to be. Some of the most interesting people in the world are exploring throughout their entire life rather than sticking to an inflexible plan.

How can students best prepare for a meeting with you?
Come prepared with questions and understand that that we can meet multiple times to help you achieve your goals.

Are there any experiences/opportunities you would recommend students getting involved in?
Get involved in a student group on campus or volunteer to make friends, learn about yourself, and give back to your community during your time at the university. is a great resource to see a variety of opportunities to get involved. However, remember to practice balance, as college is a time to have fun as well.

Anything else interesting/relevant to your role?
I studied English in college,so I look forward to reviewing and reading your personal statements.

October, 2016