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Get to Know the CBS Career Team: Rebecca Dordel

Learn more about this CBS Career Coach.

Rebecca Dordel

What are the top things that students meet with you for?

  • Exploring industry careers and gap-year opportunities
  • Job and internship search process
  • Résumé writing and cover letter reviews
  • Exploring graduate and professional school programs

What piece of advice would you offer to CBS students to prepare for life after their undergraduate career?
It's okay to say, "I don't know what I'm doing," but don't use it as a reason to put off preparing for life after CBS. Whether it's not knowing what career you might be working towards, how to learn about jobs and internships, or writing a resume- it's okay to acknowledge when you've never done something before and need help navigating a process. Meeting with a career coach is a great space to be honest about what you don't know and get support to start figuring it out. 

How can students best prepare for a meeting with you?
A first meeting with me is often more of a conversation that we hope to build on in future appointments. The best way to prepare to meet with me is thinking about how you would answer the question, "Tell me about yourself." When thinking about what you might say, consider things like what you've enjoyed most about your college experience, and what skills or interests might be important to you in a future career.

Are there any experiences/opportunities you would recommend students getting involved in?
Start with one thing and continue to choose quality over quantity. It's not about the number of clubs, jobs, internships or research experiences you have, it's about having an experience that allowed you to engage more over time. When you think about that experience you should have stories and examples of how that group, position, or responsibility helped you grow professionally and personally. If you're doing too many things to be able to answer those questions, think about cutting back your commitments, if you don't think you've ever committed to something long enough to answer those questions, think about one thing you could do to increase your engagement. 

Anything else interesting/relevant to your role?
Although I was a liberal arts major in college, as a higher educational professional I've worked almost exclusively with STEM students! I've used that experience to develop BIOL 2001 Career Planning for Biologists into a one credit career exploration course that's tailored to CBS students! 

October, 2016