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Grand Challenges Curriculum

Grand Challenge Curriculum (GCC) courses fulfill CBS major requirements*, LE Theme requirements and count as honors experiences. 

GCC courses are integrative courses that go beyond theories and textbooks to inspire solution-driven, active learning. The Grand Challenge Curriculum brings and inter-disciplinary focus to grand societal challenges such as food safety, global health, immigration, poverty, social justice, and environmental change. Take your education to the next level with a GCC course - ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?

(*GCC 3001 Can We Feed the World Without Destroying It? will count toward the STEM elective requirement for EEB, BIOL, and PBIO. GCC 5003 Seeking Solutions to Global Health Issues will count toward the STEM elective requirement for MICB, EEB, BIOL, GCD, PBIO, and BIOC.)

You can find more information on the courses on the Grand Challenges Curriculum website