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Health Career Exploratio​n Courses - Spring 2014

Interested in a health career?  Check out the courses offered below.  For more information, visit

AHS 1101/1102: Orientation to Health Careers(1 cr) will offer students an opportunity to further explore the health career that they are interested in, but will also give them a unique opportunity to learn about the other health professions they will be working with once they are in the field. If a student is highly committed to a certain health career, this course allows them to focus their exploration assignments (informational interview, etc) on that particular career! This course provides your students an opportunity to take the Strong Interest Inventory, conduct an informational interview, learn about the vast array of health professionals who they will be working with in the future, and give them some ideas about a ‘Plan B’ option should their first choice not work out. They will learn gain an understanding of the different health professional roles and how the various members of an interprofessional team work together.  

1101 is in person (meets Mondays, 3:35 – 4:35pm), 1102 is fully online


AHS 1104: Experiences in Health(2cr) gives students an opportunity to gain experience in a health care setting. While completing 40 hours of volunteer experience in a setting that employs healthcare professionals, students will reflect on weekly health topics through discussion and journaling activities.

1104 is a hybrid course, mostly online with 2 in-person meeting dates. Prerequisite: AHS 1101, 1102, or 1600


AHS 1601: Future Physician II: The Life and Work of aPhysician(1 cr) helps students explore the field of medicine by interacting with physician guest speakers from the University of Minnesota Medical School and the community. They will learn to think critically about the challenges and opportunities of a career in medicine through interactive and reflective exercises.

**Note: 1601 will meet on Wednesdays (3:35 – 4:25pm) during Spring 2014 – it had been a Thursday class in the past. Preference will be given to students who have completed AHS 1600.


AHS 1602: Future Physician III: Experiences in Medicine (2 cr) requires students to complete 35 hours of volunteering in a setting that employs physicians and serves patients, while reflecting on their fit in the field of medicine.

1602 is an online course. Prerequisites: AHS 1600/1601, instructor approval. Contact Tricia Todd for a permission number at

Check out this short video highlighting the entire Future Physician course series:

AHS 2400: Writing a Personal Statement (1cr, S/N) is open to any student who getting ready to apply to any health professional program! Whether they are applying to nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, etc. this course can help them explore their motivations and learn to articulate their story when it comes time to apply to their program. This course is best suited for students within one year of application.

2400 has two sections, Thursdays (10:10-11:00am) and Fridays (10:10-11:00am). Students can request a permission number here: