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HECUA Information Session

HECUA, an off-campus study program, will be hosting an information session on Wednesday, March 21 from 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Coffman 303.

HECUA students will typically take 2-3 classes throughout the week and intern 10-20 hours at a community organization that relates directly to their program topic. HECUA is open to students outside of the U of M making it a great way to build community and network.

HECUA has five main programs, each with its own lens on social justice: 

  • Inequality in America; taught by Phil Sandro and Julia Dinsmore; offered Fall and Spring semester
  • Environmental Sustainability; taught by Sam Grant and Louis Alemayehu; offered Fall 
  • Art for Social Change; taught by Molly Van Avery and Mike Hoyt; offered Spring 
  • Making Media Making Change; taught by Erin Walsh and D.A. Bullock; offered Spring and Fall
  • Race in America; taught by Michelle Johnson; offered June term, does not include internship  
March, 2018