Independent study to conduct discipline based education research

The Lane research group is looking for 1-2 undergraduate student(s) to engage in an independent study in the Fall 2020 semester conducting discipline based education research. The number of hours/credits is flexible. Because of the topic of the work, this research would be ideal for a student who is considering applying for life science graduate programs in the United States during the next 1-2 years; however, this is not a requirement and may be of broad interest to students who want to learn qualitative research skills. The student(s) would be directly mentored by Dr. Kelly Lane and would additionally be part of Dr. Sehoya Cotner’s lab group. Due to COVID-19, this independent study will be completely remote.

Research Description:

Broadly, we are conducting research on training and education of life science graduate students. For this independent study, the student(s) will be collecting and analyzing the publicly available handbooks of life sciences graduate programs in order to answer research questions about expectations for graduate students. The graduate student handbook is where departments describe the research, course, publication, teaching and other requirements for graduate students to earn their degrees, along with outlining qualifying exams and expectations for personal conduct. By doing this work, student(s) will learn to perform qualitative document analysis and will become very familiar with graduate programs across the United States, making this a good opportunity for someone interested in going to graduate school.

How to express interest:

If you are interested, please email by August 15 th with a CV or resume and answers to the following questions:

  • What is your class standing at UMN?
  • Why are you interested in this independent study?
  • What are your career/education goals?

Please include the names and contact information of at least two people who can vouch for your ability to work independently and reliably.

Dr. Lane will respond with confirmation that your application has been received and will follow up with you by August 28th.

July, 2020