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Information Sessions: HECUA (Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs)

Come to an info session to learn more about HECUA's dynamic, off campus study programs focused on the environment and sustainable food (see program descriptions below)!  Coffee, tea, and treats will be served!

Monday, March 4th
5:30-6:30 PM
Social Sciences Building, West Bank, Room 609
Tuesday, March 5th
11 AM-12 PM
St Paul Student Center, Room 110
May-Term (May 15th to June 9th, 2013)
4 credits (plus optional 2 credit internship...ID 3565)
fulfills the Environment Theme
This field-based course provides a comprehensive overview of the Minnesota food system. Students learn from local activists, farmers, and policy makers, while visiting community supported agriculture (CSA) farms, meat-packing plants, creamery operations, and industrial farms. The course provides a strong theoretical and practical background which enables students to analyze the environmental, economic, political, social and cultural issues that define modern farming.  Go to for an overview of the program including a recent syllabus.  Or email Marissa, the program's student adviser, at  The application deadline for this May-Term program is April 15th, 2013.
ID 3591, 3592, 3593, & 3594 -- Environmental Sustainability: Science, Public Policy, and Community Action
Fall Semester
16 credits (full-time, off-campus, semester program)
fulfills these LEs: Biological Science with Lab core, Social Sciences core, Civic Life and Ethics theme, Environment theme
The Environmental Sustainability program is experiential, combining academic classroom work with hands-on experience in the community through internships. In the semester-long ES program, you learn about all aspects of environmental sustainability, from farming and food to environmental justice, conservation, climate change, and energy. You'll find that this environmental movement goes beyond recycling and shopping at the co-op to what you can do now as a student to make real change! Throughout the semester we take various trips around greater Minnesota and learn by seeing and doing from real world people.  Visit to learn more the program and to see some of the potential internships.  Or email Katy, the program's student adviser, at  The application deadline for this Fall Semester program is April 15th, 2013.
These programs are offered by HECUA, the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs, a non-profit organization based in St. Paul, MN that offers unique experiential education programs both domestically and abroad. These programs focus on issues affecting our local and global communities.  At the U of M, they are offered in partnership with the Community Service-Learning Center. Visit for information on all of HECUA's programs.