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Interested in Evolutionary Studies?

As you may or may not know, Binghamton University originated the Evolutionary Studies higher education model called “EvoS” that is now being expanded into an international consortium. The mission of EvoS is to advance the study of evolution in all its manifestations, including all aspects of humanity in addition to the biological sciences.  The Binghamton EvoS model includes an interdisciplinary 20-credit certificate program.

Students who attend Binghamton for two semesters are eligible to enroll in the EvoS certificate program. 

The core of the certificate program is a 2-credit seminar that must be taken twice. The EvoS seminar series brings approximately ten distinguished speakers to campus every semester to share their work on all aspects of humanity and the natural world from an evolutionary perspective. The seminars are open to the entire campus community and the general public. Students attending Binghamton for only one semester are invited to get involved. Videos of previous seminars are available online.

Depending on a student’s background some of their course credit from their home institution may count towards the 20 credit requirement. 

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Additionally, students may be interested in getting involved with the Binghamton Neighborhood Project in applying evolutionary theory to community-based research.

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