It’s time to start thinking about summer opportunities

You are working on finishing your fall semester, and we want you to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your summer already? Yes! Applications to some of the most popular summer experiences for all CBS students open in November and December, so winter break is a great time to work on your applications as several application deadlines are in January. Start exploring the options available to you now!

There are numerous research programs that take place over the course of 10-12 weeks in the summer. 

  • The University of Minnesota’s Office of Undergraduate Research has a database of programs offered at the U of M, along with programs offered nationally. Some of the U of M programs CBS students have applied to previously include: Summer Institute in Biostatistics, Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program, Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program, and more!
  • The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) also has a database of summer research programs available nationally, which are great options for students interested in pursuing MD and MD/PhD degrees. 
  • Students interested in clinical research are encouraged to look into programs offered by local hospitals like Gillette Children’s, Regions, and HCMC. 
  • Finally, the National Science Foundation has a database of summer research programs in a variety of science fields hosted in locations throughout the United States. 

Students who are interested in non-research opportunities are also encouraged to start investigating opportunities! The Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Department of National Resources, and the local zoos have been popular internship sites in the past. Students can also brainstorm industries and companies of interest and search for opportunities on Handshake. The life sciences industry recruits for summer internships in the winter and early spring–stay consistent in your search so you don’t miss out on new postings. 

The CBS Career Team is available to meet with you if you need: assistance finding opportunities; a review of a resume, cover letter, or application essays; or a practice interview. Schedule an appointment now!


–Mary Shannon Bocock

November, 2022