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Job Opportunity: Student Tech Support Services

Gain lab experience by joining the Masopust Lab in a Student Tech Support Services position. 

About the Job: Seeking highly motivated undergraduate student to assist in daily and weekly research support services in a small dynamic immunology laboratory. Routine objectives will include assisting with maintaining a mouse breeding colony and assisting with preparations for experiments.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • 50% Assisting with mouse colony (weaning, PCR-based genotyping, record keeping)
  • 20% Media/Reagent/supply preparation for experiments
  • 20% Dishwashing, autoclaving, inventory and stocking lab supplies,
  • 10% Assisting with equipment, maintenance/Hazardous waste management


  • University of Minnesota – Twin Cities student in College of Biological Sciences or similar program.
  • Coursework or equivalent knowledge in genetics, molecular biology, and/or cell biology.
  • Demonstrated interest in biomedical laboratory research. Prior research experience with PCR, cell culture, sterile technique, and other basic laboratory techniques is highly preferred. Classroom laboratory experience acceptable.
  • Ability to work with laboratory mice; will be trained.
  • Ability to meet University mandated laboratory safety and biosafety requirements.
  • Must be work-study eligible.
  • Must be fluent in English

If interested, please submit a resume and brief cover letter to Clare Quarnstrom at and Dr. Vaiva Vezys at

July, 2017