Master of Science Opportunity, University of Winnipeg Vector Biology Laboratory

University of Winnipeg  Associate Professor Dr. Robert Anderson is looking to recruit a MSc student recently graduated or graduating this year with a BSc degree, biology and honour’s preferred but not necessary if course and work experience fill in. This opportunity is to conduct research in applied medical entomology including species surveys for mosquitoes in Manitoba and evaluation of new approaches to adult mosquito control. The opportunity will involve a mix of laboratory and field work under a variety of weather conditions (non-winter). A background and/or interest in applied ecology (behavior and population studies) and chemistry would be an asset. Valid driver’s license is also an asset. The start date is early summer of 2019 but graduate school application materials need to be submitted sooner than that. The timeline and University of Winnipeg Graduate School deadlines for admission this year make it necessary to recruit from Canadian students, and possibly residents of Minnesota. This position is subject to final approval of the funding, but interested individuals are encouraged to inquire as soon as possible. Please reply as quickly as possible (by email preferably) with transcript and cv or resume to

Details and application information for the Graduate Program in Bioscience, Technology and Science Policy can be found here.

May, 2019