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McNamara Academic Center for Student Athletes

Seeking Science Tutors!  Apply today

JOB DESCRIPTION: Tutoring student-athletes who are seeking tutoring either one-on-one or in small groups in Science, especially Chemistry and Physics.


  • Must be at least a junior in good academic standing.
  • Possess an overall Cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Have taken and passed with and "A" or "B" any course for which you wish to be considered eligible to tutor / or equivalent courses from other universities.
  • Capable of working flexible hours.


  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree and working in either a master’s or PhD program.
  • Prior experience and training as a tutor or in education.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Tutors must:

  • Demonstrate and model the highest degree of academic integrity.
  • Assess and address student-athletes strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to the class and the material.
  • Be reliable and punctual for every appointment.
  • Possess subject-specific knowledge as well as the ability to present it in creative and effective ways.
  • Have a contagious passion for science, math and learning in general.
  • Provide academic assistance to student-athletes who are seeking tutoring either one-on-one or in small groups.
  • Be willing to learn and address learning styles and tutoring techniques.
  • Thoroughly and accurately document every session.
  • Create activities and drills to help student-athletes learn the material.

NOTE: Hours will vary; graduate students may not work more than 14 hours per week. Pay is $11/HR for undergrads and $14/HR for graduate students.

Application Instructions:
Send an email to Jamie Zamjahn, Coordinator of Learning Services / McNamara Academic Center.

  • Please attach a current resume, cover letter, unofficial transcripts, and hours of availability.