Meet Mindi DePaola | CBS Class of 2015

Mindi DePaola entered CBS like many other students – with a love for science, a curiosity about the world around her, and a motivation to leave an impact. Now she is working for an organization with a mission she is passionate about, in a job that gives her flexibility outside of work to pursue her personal interests! We recently caught up with Mindi to see where her CBS degree has led her.

What is she up to now?

Mindi reports that she is now a program manager for the Envionmental Defense Fund. The EDF is a nonprofit organizaiton that works hard to make the environment safer and healthier for us all. In this role, Mindi helps coordinate diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice efforts for the organization.

How did you she into this job?

When discussing how she got to her current position, Mindi mentioned the importance of connections. Through her previous work as an epidemiologist, Mindi was able to connect with a number of other scientists and public health professionals. Her post-CBS education, working in the field as an epidemiologist, and keeping in touch with professionals in her network along the way allowed her to understand more deeply what she wanted from her professional life and found her current role. 

How did she decide what she wanted to do after college?

After graduating from CBS, Mindi worked for a couple of years while intentionally taking time to reflect on what she wanted her path forward to look like that. For her, that path included attending Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to complete a master's degree. 

Mindi credits a number of things with helping her to make her decision of what to do after graduating from CBS. Some of those things included: internships for different organizations to help gain experience and clarify goals, traveling the world and studying abroad to learn more about all the possibilities, conversations with friends and mentors, as well as conversations with advisors and career professionals. 

If you are interested in talking with Mindi about her current role or her career pathway, she is happy to connect as she is able! Feel free to contact Forest Clarke (, assistant director for career development, for an introduction or to start exploring your own career path. 


September, 2022