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Meet with a Pre-Health Career Coach!

Prepare for your health professional school applications or spring and summer pre-health plans by meeting with a career coach

There are a lot of CBS pre-health events coming up in March, April, and May, and applications for health professional school begin to open as early as May for some health professional schools that start in Fall of 2019. You are invited to schedule a pre-health appointment by visiting or by calling 612-624-9717 to get prepared for application season and check-in about your upcoming summer pre-health plans.

You can meet with a pre-health career coach for a variety of pre-health career coaching services and topics:

  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Personal statement reviews
  • Mock interviews (Traditional and Multiple Mini Interview style)
  • Finding health-related internships, volunteering, or shadowing experiences
  • Discussing gap year plans and opportunities
  • Preparing for health professional school entrance exams (DAT, MCAT, PCAT, GRE)
  • Exploring different health professions
  • Discussing the application timeline and competencies of a competitive applicant

The CBS Career Team looks forward to seeing you this spring!

March, 2018