Minnesota Daily Surveys

Do you read the MN Daily? Help them out and complete two brief surveys.

The Marketing Department at the Minnesota Daily Media has created two surveys in order to provide insight on how our organization is connecting with the public and how the public is engaging with their environment. The Readership survey focuses on the demographics and habits of our readers, where the Spending Habits survey focuses on how our readers spend their money. In order to encourage the audience to participate in the surveys, each survey will hold a raffle for a $100 Visa gift card. Every participant can only be entered into the drawings for each of the gift cards one time. The two surveys and their purposes are outlined more in depth below. It is our hope that they will provide insightful information for the entire organization and improve our current operation to better serve the community. 

The Readership Survey
This survey is intended for the Minnesota Daily Media to gain a better understanding of our current audience. There are four major sections in the survey: demographics, lifestyles, psychographics, and response to COVID-19. Your contribution offers us direct insights on how we are performing. Participate in our readership survey and we can construct a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community media environment together. 

The Student Spending Habits Survey 
The purpose of the Spending Habits Survey is to understand how our audience financially engages in its community. The survey includes questions that focus on how students decide where to spend their money and how much money they spend on any given activity. With your responses to these questions we will be able to continue to provide the UMN community with quality content as well as the ability to better tailor our content and create a better more relatable experience for our readers. 

September, 2020