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MNCAT Discovery

During this academic year, the University of Minnesota Libraries will implement a new discovery tool that will provide significantly greater capability for searching print and digital resources. MNCAT Discovery will represent a major enhancement to our current catalog, MNCAT, and a major increase in the materials a user can find.
We expect MNCAT Discovery to go live in January 2014. In the meantime, our first step was implementing a new general-purpose database for searching journal articles. It’s called MNCAT Article Discovery, and it’s available now at

Rather than focusing on a particular discipline, MNCAT Article Discovery allows the user to search the overwhelming majority of articles and other materials currently licensed by the Libraries. MNCAT Article Discovery is similar to Google Scholar, yet will offer greater capability to filter (e.g., peer reviewed articles) and will also provide direct links to our licensed full text.
The second step — full implementation of MNCAT Discovery — will involve adding our books and other holdings to this new resource.
The University of Minnesota Libraries has been a leader in assessing how users search for information, and in documenting the significant changes brought about by search engines and more fully featured commercial sites.

We’ve also listened to you. In our 2010 survey, the overwhelming majority who responded said that they were interested in a broader search that went beyond just our own physical collections. MNCAT Discovery will provide this and more, while still allowing users to search specific databases. We will continue to do user testing before going live in January and will continue to fine-tune this new search tool going forward. 

Additional details about MNCAT Article Discovery and MNCAT Discovery are available online.