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Mortar Board

Mortar Board College Senior Honor Society is selecting new members!

Mortar Board is a National organization that recognizes college juniors and seniors for their exemplary scholarship, leadership, and service and is currently in the process of selecting new members for the 2013-2014 school year.

The deadline for application for Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society is Friday, September 20th, and an online application can be found here

To be eligible for membership, you must presently be of junior or senior class-standing, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  New members are selected on the basis of achievement not only in academics, but also in demonstrated leadership and in volunteerism in service to our alma mater and to the greater community. 

This is an active service organization—while it is a great honor to be selected into Mortar Board, members are involved and engaged during their senior year.  Following the application process, only select students, a maximum of 50 for the University of Minnesota, will be invited to join this esteemed society—an honor naming them among the most amazing college scholar-leaders in the U.S.  Please note that, if selected, you, your family, and your friends will be invited to our Fall Initiation, to be held on campus the evening of Tuesday, October 22nd.

Since Mortar Board’s establishment in 1918, nearly a quarter of a million venerated members have held the honor of being initiated at 230 chapters across the nation. Mortar Board members are not only recognized as the top scholars and leaders on their campuses, but are presented with the unique opportunity to join a diverse group of students from vastly different disciplines and interests in this great Society.

Mortar Board provides its members with opportunities for continued leadership development, promotes service to our alma mater, and encourages lifelong contributions to the global community.  Additionally, they offer numerous member benefits including career networking, fellowships, scholarships, and awards.  Mortar Board seeks students from every area of study, as they strive to bring together the most involved servant leaders wherever they may be.  Not only is it an honor to be in Mortar Board, but—once inducted—members are also intent on fulfilling their responsibility to carry the torch of meaningful and engaged service. To find out more, please visit

If you’re feeling particularly good-hearted today and you’d like to nominate other friends or student colleagues whom you think would also be a great addition to the Mortar Board chapter, please click here to submit their names and information.

Again, the deadline for application submission—as well as for nomination submissions—is midnight on Friday, September 20th, 2013