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National Student Exchange

National Student Exchange (NSE) offers U of M students the opportunity to study at another college or university in the US or Canada for a semester or year.  For nearly 30 years, the U of M has sent thousands of students to the diverse array of NSE schools.

Study away in the USA (or Canada)! National Student Exchange (NSE) is a partnership between nearly 200 colleges and universities in the US, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands that allows undergrads to study at another campus for a semester or year. Most students pay U of M tuition (or instate tuition at their host school) and can apply financial aid toward their exchange!

Students cite various reasons for pursuing NSE:

  • NSE is very affordable!
  • Learn independence and self-reliance by getting out of your comfort zone!  
  • Broaden your personal and educational perspectives!
  • Take courses not available at the U of M:
    • Biological Research of Salmon Streams and Glacial Watersheds (University of Alaska Southeast)
    • Geology of the Hawaiian Islands (University of Hawaii at Hilo)
    • Interesting language offerings: Tongan, Tahitian, Thai, Samoan, Ilokano (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
    • Marine Invertebrate Zoology (University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas)
    • just to name a few...
  • Test out the university you may want to go to for graduate school or the region of the country you want to move to after graduation. With an NSE exchange, you get the advantage of living in another part of the country without the hassle of a permanent move!
  • Experience NCAA sports at another school!  5 of the top 10 ranked college football teams in 2012 are part of NSE (University of Alabama, University of Oregon, University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, University of South Carolina)!
  • Easily transfer the credits you earn on exchange back to the U of M!
  • Be immersed at a French-speaking school in Quebec or a Spanish-speaking school in Puerto Rico!
  • Study at an HBCU (Historically Black College or University)!
  • Don't limit yourself. Participating in NSE doesn't prohibit you from studying abroad!
  • And some students just need to get away from Minnesota winters for a short time!

For more information, please visit, contact us at 612-626-2044, or visit us in 240 Appleby Hall.  Sign up for an info session or set up a meeting with an advisor to learn about the application process. 

The preferred application deadline for the 2013-2014 academic year is February 14, 2013.